Abstract Spring

IMG_20160319_215705A Saturday afternoon to myself means one thing. NAILS!

I saw an idea in my head a few days ago and decided today was perfect timing to make it reality, thinking about it for a few days has built up my expectations of what I could achieve so I’m really pleased how they came out.

With it officially being spring I had to go floral and because I love all shades of grey (except the film, that was just garbage!) I had to use grey. Just because.

I used a China glaze bonding base coat, it dries within seconds so that’s a bonus. Next I did 2 coats of cirques page six, it’s a beautiful Polish, it goes on very smooth, no streaks and dries shiny, awesome!

For my next trick I took edk (esmaltes de Kelly) Tris and Gilda. These are both stamping Polish, one is a warm yellow and the other orange. The idea in my head featured double stamping and seeing how I don’t own any layered stamping plates I had to kind of make my own up sort of.

In steps uberchic to save the day. I used plate 7-01 and 7-03 and combined a flower with a flower outline, even though they don’t match. Who cares right? It’s nail art. Be creative! It turned out perfect for the abstract images I saw floating in my brain. (By the by I do have some layered plates on the way, I am pee my pants excited to get those!)

Anyway..I went ahead and stamped up my flowers using a clear jelly stamper and the above colours. I used a black Moyra stamping Polish with the outline image to get my desired result. Finished up with a coat of seche vite and voila! All done!

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